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New Users must setup a free LTUSA user account to access records through this website. In order to provide you with the best tools to view the county records, we are using java applets. This means that the first time you try to view a document or print labels, you will be shown a box asking if you trust content from Deaja Image Systems, LTD (when viewing documents) or Seagate Software (when printing labels). If you do not press the "YES" button to trust these applications, you will not be able to use these functions on our website. There is also a check box asking "Always trust content from (either Daeja or Seagate depending on the applet being used). We recommend you check this box so you are not asked this question every time you access either of these two functions.

Please also be aware that the first time you access either applet, it will take a longer time because the the applet needs to download to your computer. After that first time, these functions will be faster. Please be patient the first time!!!

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